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Any business that accepts credit card (CC) payments is in danger from credit card fraudsters and hackers. Most brick and mortar establishments acknowledge this danger and have restructured their credit card processing systems to incorporate secure technologies and protocol. eCommerce websites also face the risk of being robbed by criminals. They must protect the business and its customers by complying with industry best practices for secure credit card transactions and federal regulations.Risks faced by eCommerce websiteseCommerce website owners can be targets of various kinds of credit card fraud. Some of these may be so stealthy that their effect will not be immediately noticeable in the business finances. Some of the risks faced by eCommerce websites are:Stolen credit card numbers used to pay for goodsThe most common credit card fraud seen by eCommerce websites is the use of stolen card numbers to make purchases.Randomly validated credit card numbers used for big purchasesA compromised eCommerce website can be used by hackers to validate card numbers with small purchases. Once a credit card number is validated, it is used by the fraudster later to make a hefty purchase.Credit refunded to stolen credit cardExperienced criminals can force an exposed eCommerce website’s payment processing system to submit the credit back from the merchant account to a stolen card account. This way, the difference in the short-term account balance can be overlooked by the card holder.Customer payments diverted to fake clearing accountsHackers that have compromised the security of your eCommerce application can enter their own information to replace the payment data. While the eCommerce application moves the order information towards fulfillment, the criminals divert the payment to their forged account instead of the merchant’s.Responsibility of securing the eCommerce websiteMerchant gateway providers use open systems to increase the customer friendliness of their product. eCommerce website owners purchase the necessary software solution to transfer customer information to the payment gateway agencies. There is a constant tussle between the eCommerce website solution providers and merchant payment platform operators over taking responsibility for the security of CC transactions.eCommerce website design and Payment Card Industry (PCI) complianceThe PCI Security standards council has laid down guidelines for secure transaction processing across the industry. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) hopes to simplify the process of protecting customer information from website hackers and criminals.PCI data security standards regulate the minimum level of security features in:* eCommerce website software solutions
* database archives on the server
* the physical premises of the serverAn eCommerce website that fails to comply with PCI standards can lose its sanction for processing online transactions. They are also liable to pay fines up to $30 for each CC number that was compromised. Though there is a cap of $500,000 on the fine, eCommerce website owners cannot afford to lose the online transactions function of their business.Professional eCommerce website designers are conversant with PCI regulations and can help you build a strong and secure website to reduce CC fraud and hacking. The cost of a skilled website design team is worth the thousands of dollars it saves you by protecting your business from fraud and for following industry security guidelines.

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Conducting business through the internet has now become a popular option for many people. They know it is a simple and quick way of exchanging information and selling products. By starting an online business a merchant can easily get close to millions of people. A wider audience means you have better chances of selling your products.Although starting and running an online business looks to be a simple and easy process, it is not a piece of cake by any stretch of the imagination. You have to consider quite a few things to make people come to your site for shopping.One of the most important things your business needs is better security. Pay no attention to security aspects and you’ll see people running away from your website. In today’s world, people are well aware of the fact that their financial information is not safe, and that’s one of the reasons why they never come to a website where they feel their information will be compromised. So, providing the highest level of security to your visitors is the first step towards setting up a profitable business venture.The security of data is ensured several ways. Some websites use special encryption systems to make their sites safe and secure. There are others who use coding systems that make it difficult for an outsider to access any type of data, including financial data. These are the ways used to protect data from an outsider, but what if your data is lost by yourself? This point is usually overlooked by many people. They think it is enough to take some steps to ensure their data can not be accessed by hackers, but that’s not enough at all.Sometimes, hackers don’t get access to financial information and other data but they often destroy the available data. It means if you have backed up something on server, you risk losing all of it. This is the point where you need to think about the option of consulting with an ecommerce web development company to go through different ecommerce solutions. The good thing is that several companies can now help you to get an automated online solution for automated and centralized backups. But, when opting for any such solution for your business, it is important to ensure that your solution has the feature of immediate online restoration along with off-site storage. Plus, you should check if this solution comes with the option of choosing the specific data set to backup or not. The option of scheduled backup should also be there.So, what this entire thing implies is that security of your data is of immense importance and there are several ways of losing your data. But, fortunately, there are quite a few ways of making sure that your data is secure. Just never overlook this aspect and always try to be in touch with professional ecommerce web development company.